The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Semi Final 1

The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Semi Final 1

Previously: N3lly Y0a had a convincing victory over the Music during Corners and Goalkicks outrage. Malcolm Conn scored a stoppage time winner to edge out Optus World Cup debacle by 1 sole vote. A place in the final awaits.

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N3lly Y0a

Like Beetlejuice, say his name and he will appear in your mentions. Originally used by mainstream media as a voice for the alleged “African Gang Problem” in Melbourne, he claimed to be a former professional footballer and ambassador for global brands, and the MSM ran with it. #SokkahTwitter investigated and within hours all his claims were proven false yet MSM continued to use him until they eventually woke up to his false claims.
If he wasn’t (allegedly) hiding in the toilets at the AFL Awards Night or hanging out with his opponent Usain Bolt, he was insulting journalists and then apologising to them so they can write a story about him signing to play in India.


Malcolm Conn

Malcolm Conn. Comms Manager at Cricket NSW. Never misses a beat when it comes to laying the boot into football for no reason other than his hate of the sport.
When the news came out that NRMA were pulling their sponsorship from Western Sydney Wanderers he tweeted this:

Within a week, Australian Cricket had their biggest scandal with the ball tampering fiasco. Captains sacked, people fined, sponsors leaving for MORE than 7 figures.
#SokkahTwitter didn’t let Conn forget it. He was bombarded with tweets as he remained eerily silent throughout the saga:
Stones, glass houses and all.

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