The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Round 1-5

The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Round 1-5
The Round of 16 continues with a big match up.

Previously: Lucy Zelic pronunciation outrage edged out the VAR in a very close contest. Now Lucy faces one of the favourites of the competition in Round 1 – Sokkah Shazza.

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Lucy Pronunciation Outrage

Lucy Zelic signed up to host one game a day in Russia. She ended up having to host every game because of the Optus disaster. Viewers who don’t watch football except during the World Cup began criticising Lucy’s pronunciation of foreign names, saying she was trying too hard. It was more of a case of fools who couldn’t speak another word of a different language criticising someone who can and takes the effort to pronounce player’s names showing dignity and respect. Also probably because she’s female.
Other “MSM” media outlets even attacked Lucy for some reason but #SokkahTwitter would have none of it:

The football community rallied behind Lucy and Craig Foster even had to come out and defend her. It was all so ridiculous and another one of those “faux outrage” moments by the masses.



Early in the year, the mainstream media ran a story where pubs in Melbourne were refusing to allow AFL supports into pubs after games if they were wearing colours. One of the fans interviewed loudly proclaimed that AFL fans are friendly and “We’re not like the soccer!” alluding to soccer fans obviously all being hooligans and fighting any chance they can.
She was dubbed #SokkahShazza and every time AFL had an incident – every week of their season – she was brought to the fore to remind everyone that they clearly are “Not like the sokkah!!!”
This tweet/video sums up her contribution:

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