The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Quarter Final 3

The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Quarter Final 3

Previously: Lucy Zelic fought to the end but was edged out by SokkahShazza who moves on to face Charles Purcell who go ratio’d to death but knocked out the ongoing FFA Congress.
Final 4 is shaping up.

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Early in the year, the mainstream media ran a story where pubs in Melbourne were refusing to allow AFL supports into pubs after games if they were wearing colours. One of the fans interviewed loudly proclaimed that AFL fans are friendly and “We’re not like the soccer!” alluding to soccer fans obviously all being hooligans and fighting any chance they can.
She was dubbed #SokkahShazza and every time AFL had an incident – every week of their season – she was brought to the fore to remind everyone that they clearly are “Not like the sokkah!!!”
This tweet/video sums up her contribution:


Charles Purcell

Some unknown “writer” who states he doesn’t like soccer writes a troll article on SMH with a headline “World Cup: Why does Australia bother?” asking why Australia even bothers qualifying for the World Cup if we are always going to lose. I’m not sure anyone read the entire thing because it was absolutely stupid clickbait rubbish.

Charles Purcell received a flawless ratio and subsequently deleted his tweet and account within a day.

The ratio clean sheet:

Here is his ridiculous article if you want to give him hits.

Hard to even find a trace of him now on Twitter:

#SokkahTwitter. Undefeated in 2018.

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