The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Quarter Final 1

The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Quarter Final 1

Previously: N3lly Y0a edged our his best mate Usain Bolt by 1 single vote. He now takes on the decision to play music during corners and goalkicks in the A-League for a place in the final 4.

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N3lly Y0a

Like Beetlejuice, say his name and he will appear in your mentions. Originally used by mainstream media as a voice for the alleged “African Gang Problem” in Melbourne, he claimed to be a former professional footballer and ambassador for global brands, and the MSM ran with it. #SokkahTwitter investigated and within hours all his claims were proven false yet MSM continued to use him until they eventually woke up to his false claims.
If he wasn’t (allegedly) hiding in the toilets at the AFL Awards Night or hanging out with his opponent Usain Bolt, he was insulting journalists and then apologising to them so they can write a story about him signing to play in India.


Music during corners and goal kicks

Outrageous. FFA know nothing of football culture and turning the A-League into the BBL.
Apparently Head of the A-League Greg O’Rourke was asked a question on how to bring back some atmosphere to A-League games and he said they were working with active supporter groups to try and achieve that. Someone asked him what about the smaller clubs?
His response was that some of the smaller clubs could utilise music during corners or goals kicks and other stoppages. Cue mis-quotes out of context and #SokkahTwitter on the offensive.

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