The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Qualifier 6

The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Qualifier 6
The sixth match up of the competition is Qualifier 6 for a place in Round 1.


Robbie Slater apparently wasn’t invited to the A-League awards night. He complained on Twitter and was outraged. It even prompted the FFA official account to get involved:


Matt Thompson AFL Pundit

Some AFL breakfast radio random took offence to John Kosmina talking up the FFA Cup final:

John Kosmina said “This has got to be your flagship domestic competition out of all the football codes. This is getting into AFL Grand Final territory.”
Macquarie Sports Breakfast show host Matt Thompson responded this morning with his own thoughts.
“John Kosmina please!

To compare it to the AFL Grand Final, it just shows that they have an inferiority complex in the soccer world and everybody wants to be like the AFL.
The AFL dominates sports in this country and for good reason. I’m sorry. That’s just a ludicrous argument.

I just think soccer fans really need to get a grip and realize that you’ve got your place in Australian sport and that’s where it sits.”

He got bombarded by #SokkahTwitter finding old tweets of him comparing AFL to soccer and pointing out his hypocrisy.
We believe Kossie was referring to the fact that every single club in Australian Football has an opportunity to compete in the FFA Cup and no other sport in this country has this kind of competition.

(nice ratio too)

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