The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Qualifier 1

The Best of #SokkahTwitter 2018 – Qualifier 1
The first match up of the competition is Qualifier 1 for a place in Round 1.

The competitors:

Usain Bolt at CCM circus

Will Usain Bolt achieve his dream of playing professional football? The Central Coast Mariners offered him an extended trial to help the Olympic Champion achieve his dream.
Every week we heard how Bolt was “getting better and improving” basic football skills that kids learn when they’re 6. Thousands paid admission fees to watch him either come off the bench or start against made up teams of amateur players. One of these teams even let him score twice which made headlines around the world – all thinking he scored in the A-League against a real professional side.

The entire pre-season was focused on Bolt and when it came to crunch time of contract negotiations, Bolt’s dream of playing football had a price tag of $3 Million a season, which would make him the highest paid footballer in Australian history. Laughable. No third party came to the table to front the cash and Bolt left the Central Coast on the eve of the season.
CCM have the worst start in A-League history, so now some are wondering if they should have signed him…


Sport Australia

In September, mere days before the vote to ratify the new structure of the FFA Congress, Sport Australia decided to throw in their 2 cents and threaten not to fund football anymore if the new changes were voted in. This despite them being across the Congress Working Group, and against FIFA’s own laws against Government intervention in the running of the sport.

Research showed that Sport Australia only funded barely $5M to football and earlier in the year used a forum/dinner to showcase how the AFL were leading the way into Asia –  on the same night A-League clubs were playing ACL games in China.

Their statement, released late on a Friday, was not taken kindly by #SokkahTwitter

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