The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Wellington Phoenix (Rd 7 postponed)

A-League Round 7 vs Wellington Phoenix – 18/11/2017 Useless Stadium

Nothing will stop me from writing a Best and Worst article. Not even a game postponed due to companies with #OneJob that grow grass in sports stadiums.

Share share, or postpone your sharing because its amateur hour in the A-League once more.

Worst – We Can’t Grow Grass
So the rumours flew into meltdown on Thursday night for about 30 minutes that Saturday’s game between WSW and Nix was postponed due to pitch issues. It then was confirmed by the club that FFA and WSW inspected the pitch and it wasn’t suitable for an A-League match. Apparently they are re-turfing the pitch as is normal this kind of year and 4 weeks wasn’t long enough. Wanderers haven’t played there since 14 October. There is no excuse that the grass didn’t catch on and their excuse of “recent cooler weather” was unprecedented. Obviously they never heard of heat lamps or similar amazing technology. So a big fat Worst here for Spotless Stadium and their grounds crew. I really hope JT and WSW ripped into them for not providing the service the club is paying for. Compensation aplenty.

Worst – Contingency? What is that?
This whole situation should have been monitored in the last couple of weeks if these “cooler” days were causing problems. There should have been a contingency in place – like I don’t know…moving across the way to ANZ which is not booked this weekend. Everyone has allocated seating there. No problem. Apparently that is too hard and its not as simple as that.

Best – A Week without Jumpei and Sotirio
This is a positive. We won’t be subjected to watching Jumpei and Sotirio fluff chance after chance and frustrate the hell out of us for 90 minutes. A week without me screaming at the stadium how much both these guys frustrate me. And a week without everyone around me giving me shit when one of them scores.

Worst – Where Is Home?
As aforementioned, we haven’t played at “home” since 14 October. Next week we play away to Adelaide and then FINALLY we play at Sydney Olympic Park (SOP) on 2nd December (maybe). 6 weeks between home games. What a joke. Funnily enough, I was remarking to the Mrs on our way to the Socceroos match that I can’t wait til we’re back at Wanderland 2.0 because we won’t be beholden to events like concerts, BBL, Easter Show etc. It’ll be our home with nothing else (hopefully) forcing fixtures all over the place. We definitely are minor tenants at SOP despite spending the most time there out of everyone else. We’re all sick of it. The place is a morgue, there is no pre or post game vibe and we get shafted with crap like this. 2019 can’t come soon enough.

Worst – Raving Pitch
So there’s an EDM dance party next week apparently. A huge stage, thousands of people a week before we are supposed to play Brisbane at home. Yeah I’m positive the pitch will recover from that…
They must have an amazing groundskeeper.
Edit: it has since been confirmed that the December 2 fixture against Brisbane Roar has been moved to ANZ

Worst – Midweek Madness?
So when is the rescheduled game going to take place? Get ready for a midweek fixture that no one can attend and then it’ll be us fans’ fault for the poor attendance. Can’t wait.
This week’s match was scheduled for 5:30pm on a Saturday. Perfect family friendly kick off time. Whenever it is rescheduled, it’ll be worse than this.

Best/Worst – Wellington Get Their Team Back
In a way its good for Wellington. They have a number of players missing due to international duty so this means they’ll all be back for whenever this rescheduled fixture is on. The worst is that now we have to play a stronger opponent. You have to beat the best to be the best, but somewhat selfishly annoying.

Best – Another Week for Gombau
Surely a positive. This gives Gombau another week to put the team through their paces and get them playing the way he wants them to. It might be beneficial for him and the team in the long run as they can iron out the kinks we saw last week. Of course we’d rather them just play, but he can use this to his advantage.
This postponement would have been perfect if we made the FFA Cup final.

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