The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Perth Glory (Rd 22)

A-League Round 22 vs Perth Glory 04/03/2018 Spotless Stadium
1-1 Draw

Update: So apparently this is technically Round 23. And Round 22 for WSW is next week against Wellington. Figure that one out…
For simplicity’s sake I’ll keep this labelled as Round 22.

This week’s Best and Worst sees us …zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Worst – Stalwarts Missing
I guess this lineup was okay despite the circumstances. When the sms came through and I saw Clisby, Risdon and Llorente named I figured Hamill was injured. Its only until the 2nd half that I realised Santa wasn’t on the bench which left us light in the attacking substitution ranks. Baccus makes a return probably more from necessity than anything since Herd is out of the country and Roly was suspended. It seemed all a bit lobsided and I’m still not convinced Cejudo can play in the middle.

Worst – Security Overkill Hurting WSW
As we all know, the active end was closed this game and so we had to enter via Gate A. The Wife opted to sit with my mum in the Black Member Section and they entered together. For the first time ever this season the Wife’s bottle of water had to be emptied before entering. Then she had to get scanned with a metal detector after waiting for a few minutes for the security guard to acknowledge her presence in front of him. The detector beeps at both her wrists (she was wearing a jacket) and she was questioned. On her left she had nothing on…oh it was her “ring” that made it beep. On her right wrist a tiny bracelet made it go off? Then it goes off again at her ankles and she just shrugged because this is now ridiculous. The secco then makes her turn around so she can be scanned yet again. This is a joke. My mum remarked that she has NEVER seen this kind of treatment at Gate A all season.

Upon finally entering the stadium they went to their allocated bay and were asked for their membership cards. My mum responded with “I know where I’m going” because she has never been asked at the bay entrance for her card. But the steward needed to see it for some reason. Is this for our own safety just in case the naughty RBB rush into reserved seating areas and decide to fight with fellow fans? The bays were 85% empty all game. This is beyond ridiculous now and no wonder fans are turning away in droves. Why are people treated this way when they only want to go watch their team play a game of football? This does not make the entire experience a welcoming one and it gets to the point where its easier to just stay home and avoid the antagonising authorities who make you feel like you’re a criminal or visiting an inmate in a high security prison.

Best – Strong Start

Having said all that and after I abused Bridge for missing a chance he put away for fun many times 4 years ago, he scores somewhere. I still don’t know how it went in, but I’ll take anything at this stage of the season. He had enough time to control the ball, turn and put it in the back of the net. Probably the only thing Bridge did this game. Has been a big disappointment all season.

Worst – Attackers Making Dumb Decisions
There are certain moments in games where you start to question why players do what they do. Why does Carrusca opt to jump over Reddy when if he stayed on his feet he would have been awarded a penalty? Inversely, why does Sotirio go to ground instead of rounding the keeper and slotting the ball into an open net?
Awareness please.
These decisions can make or break a game. And as the above 2 demonstrate, it could have made a world of difference to the final result.

Worst – Gillett, Still The Worst A Man Can Get
Bringing back this Worst title because Jarred Gillett is the gift that keeps on giving. Missing blatant penalty calls, requiring VAR to make the decision for him, missing red cards or yellow cards. It was Benny Hill inspired comedy. Llorente is fouled in the box, play on. Reddy takes out Sotirio as the last man (allegedly) and he has to think whether to give a yellow which is then upgraded to a red. He stops play for a player “injured” on the ground. And then doesn’t get him to leave the field before the restart. He misses Risdon getting pushed in the chest in the last play of the game and VAR had already turned off their monitors so they couldn’t review (I guess this is all that explains them not looking at it?). Its just laughable.
The biggest problem with refereeing and VAR in this country is it is #ALeagueRefs doing it.

Worst – Shoot Farken!
So what do you do when the opposition has their goalkeeper subbed off and have to put a defender in goals for 6 minutes? Nick was halfway through asking this very same question to Roly Bonevacia at full time and before halfway through his sentence, Roly answered “You shoot!”
Why does Carrusca opt for a placement freekick when all he had to do was lay it off to someone to power it on goal. Djulbic wasn’t diving anywhere. For 5 minutes of stoppage time, no one had a shot at goal. The was standing on the edge of his box for most of it. We had the ball in their half and Djulbic was stranded in no man’s land. You could easily chip him from 45 yards out.
We didn’t test him at all. Surely you just pepper the box and the goal with balls in the area and shots. Instead we didn’t muster a single shot on goal when he was keeping. It’s ridiculous and sums up the performance.

Worst – Intensity is Overrated Anyway

Like…you’re mid table against a side below you. You’re playing in front of dejected fans. You have the ball and no one is moving. Everyone is static or possibly walking very slowly somewhere. You hit a pass to no one, its intercepted or goes out on the full. You kick a ball aimlessly up the field.
Is this professional football or Sunday park football? I’ve seen more intensity in a friendly 3v3 kick around. Both sides were guilty of it. Someone do something!
Gombau keeps talking about the finals, but if that is what the team is serving up, we aren’t getting past week 1. Compare that game to the Newcastle vs Sydney FC the night before. Daylight apart.

Worst – 6612
And all the above leads us to the most telling figure. 6,612.
The lowest eve Wanderers home game attendance in the A-League. The previous record was waaay back in Season 1 where we beat Brisbane Roar with a Shinji Ono penalty (remember that guy…the guy that played with heart and kissed the badge?), one week before invading Moore Park for the very first time.
So why was the crowd so low? RBB don’t make up that many numbers. Did people stay away due to no RBB? Did people stay away because its Sunday and have better things to do? Did people stay away because the team is terrible this season? Sick of being treated like criminals? Sick of the FFA killing football and pissing off its fans?
Probably a little from column A, B, C and D.
Everyone is just “over it.”
Something needs to be done because we’ve lost our way as a fan base, a club and a sport. And it all starts from the top.
But, a 2 year contract extension for David Gallop was well earned….

Best – Skydeck
My contractual obligations require me to mention the Skydeck. The Skydeck is great. It has a great view from the Skydeck. You could hear Kenny Lowe curse at his players and the officials. You could wave to Adam Peacock and Danny McBreen in the media zone near the Skydeck. You can see Reddy applaud the empty RBB bays as he is sent off.
It allowed either restricted or unrestricted view to the pitch and the orange red seats of Spotless Stadium were all offered in a great panoramic vista from the Skydeck.
The ATB crew visited the Skydeck during this game and someone thought it would be a good idea to film us watching the game, cursing, joking, talking about Serie A for 90 minutes. Look out for it in the coming days as it is edited down to something coherent.
It was all filmed on the Skydeck.

Best – 3 Points Next Week
Bonevacia told us we should have smashed Perth today. Well based on that performance, no. But I get what he is saying. He said the only positive is that we are still in control in that 6th is ours and its up to us to lose it. Next week is 3 points against Wellington. I told him that if it doesn’t happen I’ll hold him personally responsible!
So bank on it people. 3 points next week, Roly said so.
That is…if anyone shows up to watch it.

And now some “highlights”

See you space cowboy…

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