The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Newcastle Jets (Rd 24)

A-League 2018/19 Round 24 vs Newcastle Jets 06/04/2019 McDonald Jones Stadium
2-3 Loss

Welcome to this week’s edition of Best and Worst where its all about broken records. No not breaking records, the definition of insanity kind.

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Worst – Dominate and Nothing to Show For It
This is a broken record this season. We dominate the opening periods of games and barely have anything to show for it. That entire first half was ours. Newcastle didn’t really show much and yet it was destined to go to the break at 0-0. It’s increasingly frustrating when your team is all over the opposition but can’t put their chances away. And yet every time the other team attacks you feel as if they’ll score with their one chance. Luckily we did score before half time because we deserved to be leading and it was the least we deserved.

Best – Baccus and Mahazi on the Scoresheet
Mahazi scored = lol
Baccus scored = O_O

Mahazi scores his first ever A-League goal and our domination of the first half is complete, despite it being from a set piece.

Baccus however, scores another worldy and pops up at the right time to find an equaliser. He is becoming quite handy with his long range efforts, having scored a couple now. I’m happy for him to take these kinds of shots if they go in every now and then. A team with midfielders who score goals like this can always go places.
Unfortunately it’s just not this season.

Worst – Comical Defending Again
Another broken record. I praised Elrich and Raul last week, and this week they were both terrible. Falling over each other, standing 4 metres away from O’Donovan to let him pick his shot. Babbel lamented in the post match presser that he wished our strikers had this much time on the ball in the box. All the efforts at the front are for naught if the back is this bad.
It is almost as if the entire backline want to have starring roles in the end of season A-League Blooper Reel. We’re going for an extended edition at this rate.

Best – Positions Vacant: Goalkeeper and Defenders
In this economic climate, seeing available positions to fill is surely a positive. The only way is up, so they say. It can’t get any worse than this. The frauds that are our backline need to go. I’ve been critical of Vedran in this forum and on the weekly podcasts. He warranted it again this week by punching the ball into his own net. Elrich wasn’t supposed to play every week and yet here we are with him leading the defence alongside Captain Hamill who will probably say something stupid this week in the vein of “SFC have dropped a bit this week and have to play in China, they are there for the taking as we will be looking to bounce back and upset their season”.
Babbel could do worse than putting up an ad in Linkedin for an All Age defence at this stage.

Worst – Season Over
And that’s it. Season is done. We needed to win to have any mathematical chance in reaching the finals. The entire game the commentators were providing stats that WSW were one of the in form teams of the competition over the last month and a half. But this year we’ve lost 3 times to Newcastle. Off the top of my head, with no fact checking, that is a first in our short history. Its been a disappointing season as a whole, one that seemed to have some promise with the recruitment. It didn’t work out. Babbel learnt the hard way, week in week out, that half the players that play here don’t have the mental capacity to be professional footballers anywhere else. Now it is up to him to find those that do.

Best – Season Over
It was a relatively season to forget. Too many individual errors. Too many injuries. Too many VAR (every team can say this) decisions. Too many times of “what might have been” moments. The best thing now, is that it is done. It is over. We have nothing to play for now except the proverbial “pride” – whatever that means for half a team (or more) that will be (hopefully) shipped out. So no pressure anymore. They can now “go out there and enjoy themselves”.
So do one thing then, win the derby next week ffs.

See you space cowboy…

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