The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Central Coast Mariners (Rd 7)

A-League 2018/19 Round 7 vs Central Coast Mariners 07/12/2018 Spotless Stadium
2-0 Win

Our second home game of the season where we take on winless CCM who have the record of the worst start in A-League history.

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Best – Ziggy Zigman
Let’s start with the most obvious one. Patrick Ziegler finally made his long awaited debut in the A-League as he returned from injury. He replaced Tarek in the centre who replaced Llorente at left fullback. The difference when you have a an actual centreback playing is astounding. I couldn’t judge his performance too much in the first half because it was at the other end of the stadium and I was a bit worried after he committed to a sliding challenge against Connor Payne and missed completely letting CCM get right past him. If he was susceptible to bad decisions like that, we could be having another Borda on our hands. But after the 90 minutes were done I’m putting it down to ring rust.

I made a point of paying attention to Ziggler in the second half as he was right in front of us.
There was a 2 minute period where he was involved nearly 10 times. Clearing the ball, intercepting, heading a corner out. He is a no fuss defender that knows sometimes it’s safer to just get rid of the ball out of the area. It is something we’ve been missing this season so far. Babbel says that he raises the quality of those around him so let’s hope that is the case. Let’s hope that he is the steel we’ve been lacking in the back line as he helped give us only our only second clean sheet of the season.

Remember, we’ve signed him for 3 years and he is trying to get his Aussie citizenship. He isn’t 30 yet, so it is great business by the club.
Now the real test is performing this well against a tougher strike force that normally take their chances next week in La Fondre and Brosque.

Best – Best Baccus and Yeah the Jaush
What happens when you shoot at a normally sub par goalkeeper? More often than not the keeper will make a mistake and you can capitalise on it. Or he lets the ball hit the back of the net.
Babbel apparently told Jaush that he can run fast, defend, work all day. But he has to start scoring. Baccus has had to grow up very quickly and be an important cog in the midfield.
Both had great games and both have obviously listened to their coach and one what was asked of them.
The crowd were getting increasingly frustrated in the first half when our team felt the need to keep going around the box but not shoot. Kamau’s touch in the box kept taking him away from goal and crowded out. Crosses by the fullbacks and wingers were sometimes over hit.
At the stroke of half time, Baccus took a chance and just drive the ball along the ground from outside the box through a sea of legs. Kennedy couldn’t get to it and we were 1-0 up. The kid didn’t even know how to celebrate scoring his first goal (before his brother) in the A-League.
In the second half, Kamau was given a lay off by Riera and he also struck from distance with power. Kennedy saved it but his parry was too soft and no one reacted quicker than Jaush he slotted it home. I don’t care if it was a tap in and probably harder to miss than to score. He was the first to react and chase the shot down. He was also unlucky not to score early in the game when he somehow got a shot off from a great through ball and it went agonising close. And I’m pretty sure Jaush actually got applauded when he was subbed off.
Work rate.
Most times, that’s all he has. But this is the A-League and sometimes that’s all that is needed.
The 2 academy/youth products get us the goals and we get our first home win of the season. Can’t really complain too much can we?

Best/Worst – AB10 a Class Above
AB10 was awarded the man of the match because he was everywhere. It might have been because CCM awarded him with a tonne of space, but he started showing more of what he is capable of. I’ve said it before how AB10 seemingly is getting frustrated with those around him not reading or seeing what he is seeing. We saw it again this week with a few crosses going to no one, not because of the the pass, but because no one read it properly. But the team is finally starting to catch on to his wavelength and once everyone is on the same page, he can be even more deadly and start racking up the assists. The video above shows him linking with players more and more.
Just pay no heed to SBS’s finest:

Best – Obvious Signs of Adjustment
Every week on ATB, Josh has been complaining that our fullbacks are getting too far forward, crowding our wingers and leaving us exposed at the back. I noticed this week that Risdon actually made intelligent overlapping runs and Elrich was always an option behind Kamau instead of getting into his space. Was it an instruction from Babbel to not get too far forward lest the speed of CCM exploits the gaps? Or was a part of it that Elrich simply doesn’t have the engine to do it non-stop for 90 minutes? Whatever the reasons, we looked (mostly) more structured and because of the likes of Ziggler and the entire team scrambling in our final third, Vedran didn’t really have to do anything all game.
Babbel asked for a response from the pwning by Melbourne Victory last week so it was pleasing to see the players respond with a commanding and disciplined performance leading into the billionth #SydneyDerby.

Worst – If Wanderers Win and No One is There to See It…
Just over 8,000 in attendance. Yes, I know we got hammered last week but 2,000 less than our previous home game is disappointing. Don’t we have 16,000 members? Half didn’t show up to the game, and I doubt all of them were at Kevin Hart next door. Its frustrating. I had thoughts of not going to the game, but I suffered from FOMO of not wanting to miss a win this season and Riera’s elusive hattrick.
Fully expecting everyone to all show up next week at the derby.

Best – Breaking World Records
How good is this!

Best – Parking Fools
Walking back to the car and or some reason there were cars parked in the bus bays on the way to Hill Road. Normally those bays are for event buses but on Friday there were cars in 90% of them. Then I noticed slips of paper flapping in the wind on all their windscreens.
Seems that someone was late to Kevin Hart, didn’t want to line up to P1 or go to P5 so took the available spots RIGHT THERE! WHAT LUCK!
Enjoy the fine and paying for the local council’s Xmas Party.

Best/Worst – Babbel Changes Something
Speaking of Xmas Parties, I fully expected Babbel to leave around the 75th minute to attend a prior engagement. Who was this guy wearing smart casual instead of the training tracksuit? Obviously Foxsports couldn’t stop talking about it, because Aus Sport Media.
The answer Babbel gave? “Well, I can’t change my team too much, so I wanted to change something else.”

See you space cowboy…

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  1. Totally agree with majority of what has been said the worst for me has and is still the number of supporters going to home games the stadium bullshit is no excuse anymore time for us to all show up to support the red and black especially the RBB who’s numbers have dropped so come on let’s make an effort and give Markus Babbel and the boys our support

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