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607 – Couldn’t Cut The Mustard

After a solid performance in the opening round we figured that a team that got beaten 5-1 by their rivals would be a simple task. Wrong. This was a Mariners team looking to emerge out from under the waters.

The Hills/Liverpool team talk about the game, our top performers and preview the derby this Saturday.

This is around the bloc.

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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Central Coast Mariners (Rd 2)

A-League Round 2 vs Central Coast Mariners – 14/10/2017 Spotless Stadium 2-2 Draw Welcome to this week’s edition of the Best and Worst series. This time we hosted Central Coast Mariners in Round 2 who remain undefeated at Spotless Stadium. Note: I haven’t had a chance to rewatch the game so all these opinions are […]

S05E18: Strike Farce

The performance on the weekend left a bad taste in many Wanderers fans’ mouths, and got us thinking that the problems at the club are deeper than simply what’s happening on the pitch. After airing our grievances (is it Festivus yet?) we try to maintain some form of optimism about the upcoming derby, with a bit of success, and wonder if Popa is just pulling our collective leg.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S04E27: RC7

The Wanderers had their biggest win of the season against the lowly Mariners – but was it too little too late? The call for all the final rounds games to be played at the same time has never been louder, and although falling on deaf ears, it’s bound to be an exciting weekend. We’ll face the Nix and the RBB will be on its tour of duty to witness a possible second Premiers Plate.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S03E24: A Bit Howsit Going Friday

The weekend was long, but so were our match day experiences, watching another two draws – but at least ATB Feedback provides us with good food stories to tell this week, whether or not meat on Good Friday is your thing.

In other news, we interviewed Victoria Guzman, a Wanderers W-League player and big fan of the club, we talk potential transfers, the upcoming six-pointer with the Mariners, all my religious intro puns get stolen, and a certain member of ATB and La Banda gets told to put a sock in it.

All on this weeks episode of Around the Bloc


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S03E14: Spoken in Brazilian

Once again we were our Own Worst Enemy as we lost to Melbourne Victory, but Mr. Brightside, Tony Popovic, says after some Little Talks and a trip to Coffs Harbour, we’ll come back and stop being Losers, hopefully move up to at least The Middle of the table and curb our trend of coming Undone (like a sweater, when you’re holding the thread as I walk away).

We can’t take ourselves too seriously when we’re in this position though, and despite all our rage we are still just a pod on a stage where we need to have a laugh, and ‪#‎ATBFeedback‬ provides that this week.

We’ll be back after the Asia Cup break, after having eaten millions of peaches, asking ourselves ‘Whats My Age Again?’, and with the Longview towards the finals. Will it happen? …No-one Knows.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S03E8: There are no stupid questions…

The elusive Turner returns for a stint on the podcast that David Villa would be proud of, and with everyone else showing up for once, the team was 6 strong. 6 is also the number of games we’ve played in the A-League without a win, but despite what’s happening up in Brisbane, the Wanderers fans seem to be giving King Popa all their support, which they express in this weeks apparently silly ATBFeedback. The question of the week segment is back also, and is answered by Ivan.

On the bright side, we’re unbeaten in 2, and we cover both the Mariners and Newcastle games, as well as the upcoming Sydney Derby which is a must win for so many reasons – namely the bragging rights that come with it. It could be a first loss for Sydney and a first win for us, or it could potentially see both teams at completely opposite ends of the ladder if things go Sydneys way. Hopefully it’s the former.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S02E29: Clown Car

We’re into the final! We’re going to Brisbane! We’re going to see JASON DERULO live! He’s going to say JASON DERULO heaps of times! I personally can’t wait, and the other 4,000 (and counting) Wanderers fans travelling up seem pretty keen as well.

We got our Revenge on the Mariners, but it was anything but a Game of Thrones. We left them for Walking Dead, Breaking Bad through their defence and playing like Mad Men in order to come away with the 2-0 win. Brisbane will be doing their very best to Curb our Enthusiasm, but the Workaholic nature of our play will make it a very tough match. Will the Wanderers Family Guys be strong enough to overcome Berisha, the Total Diva, and his League of Gentlemen? With any luck, come Monday, we’ll all be talking about Roar’s ludicrous display and how they always try to walk it in.

You’re listening to the It Crowd, AKA Brendan, Steve and Ivan on Around the Bloc.

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S02E12: The Hangover

Fireworks this week as the ATB boys leave their luxurious holiday homes to once again bung on about the Wanderers in the first podcast of the new year. We showed sparkle and flare to beat the Mariners, were disappointed at what seemed like a minute after midnight in Melbourne, and Wellington were 2 hours AND 2 goals ahead of us, although we didn’t know that at the time of recording so you can still hear the gleeful optimism in our voices.

#ATBFeedback goes live this week and we hear many different stories from Wanderers away trips, straight from the horse’s mouths, and all the usual stuff is in there too.

Finally, Happy New Year to all of our listeners. This is Around The Bloc.

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