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627 – Slow Split Round

With all the talk of managers leaving, players having tantrums, coaching staff complaining about kebabs and more, there was a lot to talk about in this looooong podcast primed for your traffic-heavy delayed travel to work.

Turner manages more works per minute once again, Tats is requesting you to just “@” her and Nick is a tired man who gets yelled at.

Why? Listen and find out.

This is Around The Bloc.

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619 – Glorious Victorious Jack

The title may say Victorious, but our game against Melbourne Victory was anything but.

However, we can make amends when we take on a winless-in-5 Perth Glory on Sunday night, but before that Turner and Tatiyana spoke to a Perth native, current Wanderer and recent goal scorer, Jack Clisby.

Jack gives us an insight into his career, where it started, his favorite teams and also questions that you, the fans, sent in. Also, keep an ear out on how you can win a signed 17/18 Wanderers jersey and more!

This is around the bloc.

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S05E16: Brissed Off

A late goal from Brett Holman sealed our fate as Brisbane scored yet another late winner, which led to plenty of discussion post-game about whether Tony Popovic still has a place at the club. Has he got the full support of the board? Or will he remain at WSW?
We then move onto the geography of New Zealand and work out where our next game is, and how to get there – then, with as much confidence as Popa had in stating that we’ll win this years Grand Final, we all decide that we’ll flog the Nix.

This is Around the Bloc

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