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S03E04: Lights! Camera! Asia!

With the spotlight on us, the crowd roared as we entered the arena and lined up on what was one of the biggest, most nerve wracking nights of our lives. The expectations were huge and the task ahead a gruelling one, but finally, after all the interviews were over, we readied ourselves and… we started recording the most important podcast of our lives. In front of ABC cameras no less.

Oh and the Wanderers are taking a 1-0 lead to Riyadh.

This is Around The Bloc.

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S02E20: Dynamic Duo

And then there were two. With most members of the team missing, the dynamic duo of Steve and Brendan bring you this week’s podcast which is more exciting than a backup goalie’s debut.

It was a perfect start to a long run of games for the Wanderers, and with the ACL looming, we turn our attention to the failings of Brisbane Roar and William Gallas. We give credit where credit’s due, though, to everyone’s favourite Wanderers player, Jerrad Tyson (as quoted in The Guardian), and our resident Spanish commentator has something special for him too.

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