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711 – Honda 4.0 Type-Rant

The ATB crew is back to discuss a disappointing result against a Honda led Melbourne Victory. We address many of the criticisms being thrown at the club and try to clear some of it up. A detailed discussion is held about the state of the club and what the future hopefully brings. Oh, and Turner rants a bit, assisted by Josh.

This is Around the Bloc.

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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Melbourne Victory (Rd 6)

A-League 2018/19 Round 6 vs Melbourne Victory 01/12/2018 Marvel Stadium 0-4 Loss We travel to Melbourne where results down there haven’t been good in a life time. Check out Babbel’s post match press conference. Don’t forget to hit those share buttons, check out all the previous Best and Worst editions and subscribe to the podcast View this post […]

HOW TO BEAT: Melbourne Victory

Welcome to this week’s ‘How To Beat:’ – a weekly tactical preview of Western Sydney Wanderer’s opponent and how they can be beaten. This week – Melbourne Victory. Let’s get right into it. OPPONENT Melbourne Victory – Round 6 – Saturday 1st December 7:50pm (Marvel Stadium – Docklands) GAMES ‘ANALYSED’ HAL Round 5 – Sydney […]

611 – Quick Maffs

3 plus 5 is 8 from 6 games that’s… undefeated.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Another would be winless in five.

Gombau was in charge of his first game against the club he was rumoured to be coaching a couple of seasons ago and with a new manager change is apparent in playing style, personel and attitudes.

Surprise starters and scorer, testy temperaments and a referee who needed a video replay to correct his own mistake.

This is Around The Bloc.

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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Melbourne City (Rd 6)

A-League Round 6 vs Melbourne City – 12/11/2017 AAMI Park 1-1 Draw Welcome to another edition of the Best and Worst series. Please sympathy hit the share buttons as I write about yet another draw. Gombau has named his first starting XI #WSW #🔴⚫️ A post shared by Western Sydney Wanderers (@wswanderersfc) on Nov 11, […]

S05E07: Borda Insecurity

If you’re anything like us, your happiness rollercoastered from about 80% to 99% to 0% within about 45 minutes on Saturday night. A struggling defence couldn’t keep up with Victory’s competent attack and we were put on show. Of course we also look forward to playing Melbourne City this weekend, who have been quiet at best this season… haven’t they?

This is Around the Bloc.

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S04E07: Red and Black Friday

Technical difficulties didn’t stop the podcast tonight, just like City, Victory and Mariners couldn’t stop the A, W, and Y league teams on the weekend. With less controversy than a marquee striker’s first goal, but more excitement than his celebration, this is Around the Bloc.

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S03E07: Min. Power

Well, the Wanderers lost again this week – but given the team line up, is there anything really to worry about? The attitudes of the team and fans alike are positive, but some improvement has to be on the cards.

We found that the podcast needed some improving too, so we introduce Question of the Week on this show, and I give a long, detailed history of podcasting which I’m sure is going to be as much fun for you to listen to as I had telling it, and I didn’t even insult anyone in the process. Well, I don’t think I did – I’ll keep an eye on twitter though. There’s that, W-League, Youth League, Nikminnit and all the other stuff on this weeks episode of Around the Bloc.

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S02E07: Reigning at the Top

It was wet, wet, wet in Parramatta on Saturday night, but the love was certainly not all around in the stadium, with the two arguably biggest and most passionate groups of fans in the A-League battling it out in the stands. It was 82 minutes before Mark Bridge put away the winner, and less than 24 hours later the Wanderers finished the round at the top of the table for the first time this season. The bliss turns to diss in ATBFeedback, the joy for the Wanderers unfortunately stopped short of the W-League and Youth League games, and the Newcastle Jets and Michael Turner both pull off upsets over their opponents in the same game. All this and much more on this edition of Around The Bloc.

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