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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Melbourne City (Rd 23)

A-League 2018/19 Round 23 vs Melbourne City 30/03/2019 ANZ Stadium 3-0 Win Back again for this week’s edition of the Best & Worst series. A couple games left at ANZ on a cold Saturday night and it’s Captain Hamill’s 100th game for the Wanderers. Don’t forget to hit those share buttons, check out all the previous […]

626 – [Title Retracted]

Stephen and Josh are back to talk all things football on and off the pitch. We look at the Wanderers comprehensive win against Wellington Phoenix, veer off into a discussion about what’s wrong with the A-League (again), football in this country (again) and then get angry and frustrated at fans’ treatment at certain venues and in the media (again).

This is Around the Bloc.

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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Wellington Phoenix (Rd 23)

A-League Round 23 vs Wellington Phoenix 10/03/2018 Spotless Stadium 4-1 Win Note: This is technically Round 22, played after Round 23… Note2: I couldn’t make the game live and watched it on replay the next day. Don’t forget to hit those share buttons, check out all the previous Best and Worst editions and subscribe to the podcast Worst […]

The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Perth Glory (Rd 22)

A-League Round 22 vs Perth Glory 04/03/2018 Spotless Stadium 1-1 Draw Update: So apparently this is technically Round 23. And Round 22 for WSW is next week against Wellington. Figure that one out… For simplicity’s sake I’ll keep this labelled as Round 22. This week’s Best and Worst sees us …zzzzzzzzzzzzz Don’t forget to hit […]

S05E22: Plus Won

If the week leading up to Sunday was to be any indication of the game, it would have been dull and boring, but with the sunshine brought a bright outcome to the end of the weekend as we finally, finally, won a home game at Spotless brushing aside the Nix.

Some ATB members have been MIA since our win, but Nick and Tats weren’t left alone as our very own very good plus one from over the bridge came to assist.

This is Aound the Bloc.

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S04E24: Pod Depth

After a 1-0 win that put us into the ACL spots, which would give us a week off in the finals, do you feel like cancelling your season ticket?

Some fans might, but the rest of us will be there to watch our toughest contest yet against Adelaide, and the ATB team produces some word play that nobody in their right mind would be proud of – but that’s what you get when you listen to Around the Bloc.

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S03E23: Bloc, Rocket, Beats

It was another mixed week for Wanderers fans, firstly obtaining all 3 points against Brisbane in one of their highest wins ever, and then heading to the West Coast for an unfortunate loss. The travelling RBB did their best to show the Perth fans how it’s done, and despite the loss on the field, it was a clear cut contest who won off it.

We do have the ACL to look forward to in the next week, as well as a match against Melbourne City who we’ve beaten recently – if history repeats, this could be our most successful fortnight of the season!

This is Around the Bloc.


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S02E23: Shoot F*rken!

Unlike Mebrahtu, the Wanderers are starting to look strong in the ACL, something I’m sure Golgol won’t find humerus. Ulna-ther news, the team is finding the A-League tough, but maybe they should listen to us when we keep patella-n them to shoot. After all, some goals would’ve been nice as the RBB were going out and they were dancing in the storm, getting soaked to the bone in the process.

There’s rants galore and much more, so skull your drink and get ready for Around the Bloc.

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