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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Perth Glory (Rd 22)

A-League Round 22 vs Perth Glory 04/03/2018 Spotless Stadium 1-1 Draw Update: So apparently this is technically Round 23. And Round 22 for WSW is next week against Wellington. Figure that one out… For simplicity’s sake I’ll keep this labelled as Round 22. This week’s Best and Worst sees us …zzzzzzzzzzzzz Don’t forget to hit […]

S05E21: Harry Popa

AKA Harry Popa and the Philosophy’s Stuffed

The game this week didn’t provide a whole lot of talking points (at least none that haven’t been discussed to within an inch, or centimetre, of their lives) so we went all Q and A – ATB Style. Thanks to everyone for your questions!

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S04E23: 2nd Heaven

Wanderers defended like crap on the weekend and conceded two late goals to lose 3 points and top spot. It did get us talking about where the real issues in the team were, and where new signings might be made for next year.

We also look forward to another potential banana skin, as another round approaches and the top 6 carousel builds further momentum.

This is Around The Bloc.

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S03E22: You’re Coming Down With Us

Another week, another winless run of games, another lot of injuries, and another journo getting his facts wrong. Not much has changed in Wanderland since our last show, although when we say we want to see the youth, Popa listens. This coming week though, we stray further from home than Ante Covic with trips to Brisbane and Perth, and with not much to play for, we can only hope to ruin their seasons instead.

In other news, Turner talks transfers, we all talk DIY, and ATB starts posting pictures of food, trees and our freshly painted toenails on our brand new instagram account.

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S02E22: To Sydney, with love…

Sydney FC won the third Sydney Derby of the season thanks to the Wanderers playing like d’apu-zzo they left Allianz Stadium with their tail between their legs, knowing they won’t go top-or close to it for at least another week. The atmosphere was, as the French say, La Rocca’n, and the 40,000 that packed the ground left the NRL journo’s saying ‘Ono!’, just like Meggsy said after that through ball to Garcia. It was a Bridge too far for the Wanderers though, and Santa came early for the Sky Blue side of Sydney.

Finally, the Red and Black hoops are off to China to ask ‘Guizhou, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?’ and then back to play Adelaide at Wanderland.

This is Around the Bloc.

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