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S05E17: Piss Fartin’ Around

That winning feeling returned to the lives of the Wanderers players and fans in the unlikely setting of New Plymouth, despite the best efforts of the referee and linesman to do their business on our clean sheets.

We’re only one game away from the final derby of the regular season and we’ve got one hurdle to overcome in the Central Coast Mariners – but they’ll be looking for their 3rd win on the trot so we’ll be finding ways to show that kebabs > fish and chips.

This is Around The Bloc.

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S03E18: A New Hope

A massive show this week – Alan Mtashar guest hosts as we hope to see the Champions Strike Back and we see the Return of the Derby, We review the loss against Adelaide, where it was Hoth as hell, and Chewie the fat about what went right and what went wrong, as the Wanderers endor one of their darthest periods. Finally, we take a luke at your ATBFeedback, leia’m all out on the table and saber some of the best responses.

May the force be with you – because it certainly isn’t with your football team. This is Around the Bloc.


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S02E18: En-Tyson

Everyones favourite Wanderers player, Jerrad Tyson, joins the ATB team for this week, and is a really good sport about getting bombarded with questions until late on a school night.

Berisha makes a nuisance of himself once again, so in the head to head between the Roar and the Wanderers this year, there’s been a 1-1, one team’s won one and one team’s won none. We find out who each podcasters mortal enemy is, Things We Could’ve Done Better Last Week almost makes a comeback, Jerrad offers some insight into the day to day dealings of a Wanderers player and has some handy hints for the relief of Fibromyalgia, whilst Turner, although you can’t hear it, does the exact opposite and polishes off an entire packet of chocolate snacks for the third week running.

This is Around the Bloc.

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