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S02E27: Who Wears Black Shorts?

Great Scott! The Wanderers took 3 points away from both Melbourne and Korea this week in two epic performances which had us podcasters travelling through space and time to talk about them, whilst the travelling RBB went for a McFly to either destination, and thankfully nobody had to see a Doc or got involved in any Biff. On the pitch, the team was good enough not to Fox things up, apart from Shinji Ono, who’s number you get if you add Tannen eleven, who had a minor issue with the crossbar.

So with the team shoring up 2nd spot in the A-League, and one more round to go in the ACL, we would need some sort of sports almanac to predict what’s going to happen in the coming weeks. You’ll just have to stay tuned to Around the Bloc.

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S02E10: Drawn Together

This week – The Asian Champions League draw is announced, during which the Wanderers will be China win to progress through the group stages and create Korea highlights for themselves, and if they succeed, Japandamonium will ensue.

In the meantime however, the club falls deeper into crisis as they go yet another game without a win and add another draw to their streak. Will they be able to break it against the relentlessness of the Newcastle Jets?

All this and more on this edition of Around the Bloc

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S02E06: Heartbeat

On the day Santalab showed his loyalty to the Wanderers like a Golden Lab to a blind man, the ATB boys are back with another episode more chockers than Parramatta Stadium will be on Saturday night. After a gritty 1-0 win where Cole scored in the cold, TomiGun should’ve kept the safety on and the team had the Heart beat, we look forward to victory over the Victory both on and off the pitch. Cop Watch returns in comical fashion, we report on the start of the W-League and the women and youth teams double header, which was the second one of the weekend after Seb Ryall’s goal from the Big Blue. All this and much more on this edition of Around The Bloc.

Oh…and we interview Foxsport’s Adam Peacock.

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