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S02E25: Twist and Shout

I get by with a little help from my friend Ivan on this week’s podcast, as Steve is on his way back from the USSR… or Japan, and Turner’s off being a paperback writer or something.

For starters, a huge shout out to the travelling RBB who went on a magical mystery tour to Japan. It made us all proud to see them standing there and we all wished we’d bought a ticket to ride

Unfortunately though, it’s been a couple of hard day’s nights for the Wanderers, who are gently weeping after two consecutive losses to late goals, and that has left some fans refusing to give them all their loving. The team won’t be able to buy their love though, so Sgt Popa’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will have to earn it back with a good performance against the Roar on the weekend.

We are the Walrus, and this is Around the Bloc.

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