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731 – Clearance Sale

As we bring season 18/19 of the A-league for the Wanderers to a close, what better way to do so than for Turner, Speccy, Steven and Nick to give their thoughts on the season, players we should keep, sell, give away in a cereal box and delve into a little on what next season should bring.

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This is Around The Bloc

S03E05: Got It!!

2014 AFC Champions League winners!

Special Guest Alan Mtashar returns to complete the trilogy as we discuss the Wanderers’ historic victory in the AFC Champions League Final.

There’s pride, tears, food, tangents and plenty of laughs. Pretty much everything you’d expect from another episode of Around The Bloc.

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S03E04: Lights! Camera! Asia!

With the spotlight on us, the crowd roared as we entered the arena and lined up on what was one of the biggest, most nerve wracking nights of our lives. The expectations were huge and the task ahead a gruelling one, but finally, after all the interviews were over, we readied ourselves and… we started recording the most important podcast of our lives. In front of ABC cameras no less.

Oh and the Wanderers are taking a 1-0 lead to Riyadh.

This is Around The Bloc.

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S03E03: Chuckin’ A Tanty

Another bumper episode of Around the Bloc where we all have our turns at throwing a tantrum over the Derby D’Sydney result and officiating.

Most importantly though, special guest Alan Mtashar provides great insight into the world of Asian football and Al Hilal in particular, as we head towards the 1st leg of the 2014 Asian Champions League Final.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S03E01: Two Stars, New Stars, Old Tricks

We’re back for a third season, and hopefully a third star on our logo. It’s been a really successful off season for both the podcast and the team we podcast about – Around the Bloc has won some silverware, but can the Wanderers? Only time will tell as we enter the home stretch of the Asian Champions League campaign, as well as the beginning of another A-League season.

On the other hand, the FFA Cup was an FFFail, Speccy’s first attempt at ‪#‎ATBBeers‬ doesn’t quite go to plan, and all those cryptic clues that we put out on twitter that noone even really bothered to mention? Well, you’ll find out about that within the first few minutes of the show.

We promise you, it’s worth a listen. This is the new season of Around the Bloc.

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