S04E30: Premature Roarjaculation

While one fan’s streak of seeing her team lose at away games continued, so too did the Wanderers streak of winning semi finals, as they were involved in one of the most entertaining games in A-League history.
We now head to our third grand final in four years to try and get our hands on the most valuable toilet seat in the country for the first time.

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2 thoughts on “S04E30: Premature Roarjaculation

  1. Hey guys, Brisbane curse away again.

    Can confirm that I am not the girl that cried on TV at the victory game but I did also attend that match. We do have 2 female supporter and sometimes we like to go to the same game just to confuse people.

    Can also confirm I’ll see you in Adelaide on Sunday for the final. I’ll keep who I’m supporting a mystery to see if the curse moves to any team I support away.

  2. Hahaha I thought we confirmed that you weren’t the crying girl on the pod? Well I guess we do owe you a beer so if you’re at the WSW pregame pub, there’s a light shandy waiting for you

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