S03E26: Copping a Spray

It’s the end of the season and the bad results weren’t the only thing that left fans in tears as the RBB conducted its annual protest at the eleventh hour, giving everyone something to talk about despite losing 2-1 to Perth.

On a brighter note, the boys discuss the more positive points of an otherwise dull season, and Ivan discovers that North is just geography, not a state of mind.

This is Around the Bloc.

Note: This episode contains some coarse language.


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One thought on “S03E26: Copping a Spray

  1. Thanks lads I have looked forwrd to Wednesday whenI can listen to the broadcast. May I just comment that I have only attended 1 match but never miss a TV broadcast. That being said I do now think that we now must be more critical of the club, players,managment and dare say it some of the fans. I love the spectacle of flares BUT is it acceptable in this culture here.
    Not sure if this is the last podcast for the year as I have not listened to it yet. If it is the last of the year thanks if more to come I am looking forward to that one as well.

    Ex Parra Power Boy

    PS ypu can add Marconi and Blacktown City to this asa well.

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