S03E22: You’re Coming Down With Us

Another week, another winless run of games, another lot of injuries, and another journo getting his facts wrong. Not much has changed in Wanderland since our last show, although when we say we want to see the youth, Popa listens. This coming week though, we stray further from home than Ante Covic with trips to Brisbane and Perth, and with not much to play for, we can only hope to ruin their seasons instead.

In other news, Turner talks transfers, we all talk DIY, and ATB starts posting pictures of food, trees and our freshly painted toenails on our brand new instagram account.

All this and more on this episode of Around the Bloc


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One thought on “S03E22: You’re Coming Down With Us

  1. Hi Boys,

    Allow me to ramble a bit.

    I am a foundation Wanderers member, and although now days I live and work in Melbourne, I fly into Sydney for all the home games at Pirteck.
    Every home game weekend, I fly in Friday mornings, pick up my two boys from school at Umina Beach on the Central Coast, then drive to Parramatta (if the game is on a Friday night) in time for the game.

    Being South American (I was born in Argentina), I love football and wanted my kids to follow it too. So, We used to go and watch the Mariners before the Wanderers come in to the comp in 2012. I am even willing to admit that we were Mariners members for a while as it was cheaper for us than buying tickets every time you wanted to watch a football game.

    Back then, I lived on the NSW Central Coast, and it made sense to support the local team. However, having spent the majority of my teenage years in the West, I always knew that I would switch my support for a Western Sydney team in the A- League the minute there was one.

    I remember seating in the CCM members area, watching the team play early in the season when the A league clashes with the end of the NRL finals, and there’ll be people watching the game with their radio’s glued to their ears listening to the rugby league game at the same time and promptly announcing to everybody around them “Eagles up 24! You bloody beauty!!!” and me thinking… What the fuck am I doing here?

    These days, the Wanderers have become our obsession! it’s what we do as a family.
    We love getting to Parramatta early, to soak up the pre-game atmosphere on game days and get our Caminito’s Chorizo al Pan.

    We listen to everything and anything that’s available online and in social media about our club, including your podcast which We thoroughly enjoy. My oldest son, will call me the minute he finds out about any new signings, an injury etc, etc. I’ve created a monster!

    As you can imagine, being a Wanderers fan is an expensive exercise for me! But I would not swap the experiences I lived in the past three years, together with my two boys for anything in the world. The highs and the lows.

    The exhilaration We felt when Dino Kressinger scored that goal against the Roar to put as into the Grand Final in our first season, or the pride I feel every time the whole of Pirteck stands up to do the Poznan on the 80th minute.

    I love the RRB and the Wanderers and everything they represent to Us. I just hope that the Salami man and his crew do not fuck it up! But even if he does, We will still be there to support the Red and Black til we die!


    Fab Rodriguez

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