S02E29: Clown Car

We’re into the final! We’re going to Brisbane! We’re going to see JASON DERULO live! He’s going to say JASON DERULO heaps of times! I personally can’t wait, and the other 4,000 (and counting) Wanderers fans travelling up seem pretty keen as well.

We got our Revenge on the Mariners, but it was anything but a Game of Thrones. We left them for Walking Dead, Breaking Bad through their defence and playing like Mad Men in order to come away with the 2-0 win. Brisbane will be doing their very best to Curb our Enthusiasm, but the Workaholic nature of our play will make it a very tough match. Will the Wanderers Family Guys be strong enough to overcome Berisha, the Total Diva, and his League of Gentlemen? With any luck, come Monday, we’ll all be talking about Roar’s ludicrous display and how they always try to walk it in.

You’re listening to the It Crowd, AKA Brendan, Steve and Ivan on Around the Bloc.

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