S02E17: Mid-Air Collision

Unlike the FFA, Around the Bloc does actually appreciate it’s fans, and this week we’ve rectified our premature evacuation of the podcast studio from last week and we’re back to our regular episode length.

The Wanderers went up the Freeway to Newcastle, and after 2 amazing strikes and 2 dubious goals, came away with a point from a 2-all draw. Feeling more blue than a speech from Joel Griffiths, the RBB travelled to the W-League and National Youth League double header in modest numbers and were unfortunate not to see a point from those games.

The foreigners cop it in ATB Feedback this week, the ATB boys are left Mullen over the new signings, such as Antony Golec who is my new Wanderers brother, and Golgol who is Mehbratu.

This is Around the Bloc.

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