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If you saw that heading and it was true that flares were now legal and usable in games, would there be anything to complain about?

Seems that all the talk from forums, MSM, social media etc. is about the illegal item used. So then, if it were okay to use them do you think they’d be accepted by the aforementioned?
If the reason for the 99.9 percent of people who are against them is that they’re illegal, then you would have nothing to complain about and there would be nothing for the media to sensationalise or exaggerate over (apart from rival fans who get past security and have cops throw them out and still blame us for it).

Ergo, the flares which seem to be the main and in some cases only reason to us being shat on (whether self-inflicted or not), would no longer be a issue. However, the stigma football fans carry and have carried for over 60 years in this country would potentially still be there and anything that can be latched onto by media and perhaps the FFA would still be there and anything from an ‘offensive’ shirt or banner to suspect chants may be clutched at.

Majority of those who don’t mind a bright spark seem to be over all of this now as it has been going on for over five years, they just can’t be bothered anymore. By contrast, there are those who will stand by it to make a point based on what they believe in and are the defenders. A lot would say you can’t defend the indefensible and I agree, you can’t, but there is more to this than a sook over flares and I guess the general observers my be struggling to see past this.

Those who have been against the media, FFA, other sport fans and random journo’s looking for 15 mins will end up leaving all together and this tweet from Josh (Speccy) which is unrelated to this, but relevant at the same time could end up happening:

I realise this flare policy change will never happen and some may never want it to, but if the illegal becomes legal then everyone would be holding hands and singing kumbaya in a terrace full of bright red light.

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