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  1. I was in bay 59 and witnessed this incident along with other wanderers fans who always sit in the same seats. I spoke to these same witnesses during the Adelaide game after listening to this statement of the so called facts and the have all confirmed that the guys in bay 59 were guilty of nothing apart from not joining in the chants. Their was 2 guys sitting three rows in front of us who were in the active section but were not participating in the chants. For no reason whatsoever two guys who are now claiming they were the victims in this interview starting hurling abuse at these guys along the lines of “you’re in the f#### RBB” ” stand the f$$$ up etc etc. the security guard in question was telling the so called victims to settle down but they continued along with a young child who was also yelling abuse all whilst 7 or 8 police watched on from less than 10 metres away at the top of the stairs. Their were also 2 plain clothed officers sitting in the bay who were clearly observing this behaviour from these two. After a few minutes and after it was obvious these guys had no intention of stopping the police sent two officers around and into the bay. The officer did not say anything to the main offender. He did grab him in the typical hold and deservedly frog marched him out all to the cheers of those who witnessed it. The plain clothes officers went to the security guard and took him to his superior at Gate C. I do believe the police presence is OTT at the Wanderers and I was caught in the grand final gate crush last year which was due to the poor management from the police and SCG Trust in this case however I can categorically declare that your guest is a liar and needs to look closer to home for someone to blame.

    As a side note I do believe this incident was sparked by the letter posted to Members from the RBB saying in part that if people didn’t chant they would be asked to leave. This letter gave these blokes enough rope to feel they could be the judge, jury and executioner for those who are deemed “inactive”. I know this was not the intention of the letter but it wasn’t written very well and should have been proofed by an Independant before going to members.

  2. I was also in bay 59 at the time of this incident and agree with everything said by the Cumberland thrower. The lies told by Danielle in this interview are beyond belief. The guy ejected from the game in question deserved to be thrown out and was given ample opportunity to quit whilst he was ahead. The two guys sitting in the RBB were inactive yes but I am pretty sure that is not a crime. The abusive behaviour coming from over the fence towards the RBB was given what it deserved. I will be the first to admit that the cops get it wrong at Wanderers games on occasion but not this time.. This guy got what he deserved.

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