Episode 21: Campeone, Campeone, Ole, Ole, Ole!

Speccy returns and joins JAR, Erebus and a slightly inebriated Turner to discuss and celebrate the Wanderers winning the premiership in their first year as a football club. The release date of this podcast, April 4th, 2013, also happens to be the Wanderers first birthday (i.e. 1 year since the PM announced that it would be happening). A lot has happened since then, but despite the length of the podcast, not all of it is discussed as we stick to the most important parts of the last week. The team recorded on the day of the Newcastle game and that audio is included too. Also: ATB Talkback, Spanish Commentary from Pistola and more. Check us out on twitter – @ATBWSW – or facebook.com/AroundTheBloc

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