Around the Bloc is the two-time Award Winning (2013 FFDU Football Podcast of the Year; 2014 FFDU Amateur Football Podcast of the Year ) Supporters Podcast of the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Created by fans who have been there since the club’s beginnings, Around the Bloc brings you weekly match reviews, previews, football discussions, player interviews and much more!

Around the Bloc are….

JARBrendan Kennedy (JAR)

The host and musical guru of the show, Brendan’s aim is to make the podcast the best it can be, and also reduce the number of ummms per show.


ErebusStephen Panuccio (Erebus)

Not afraid to speak his mind, Stephen is always there to give a critical opinion on the latest news and team performances. He also has the unenviable task of editing down the podcast every week.


TurnerMichael Turner (Turner)

Although being the youngest of the team, that doesn’t stop Turner from voicing his opinion, although everyone always blames him for any wrongs in the world.


PistolaIván Amaro (Pistola)

Spanish commentator extraordinaire; Iván brings a unique Latin flavour, opinion and fiery attitude to the show.


Nick Koloski (Nick Nova)

La Banda member Nick joined the team in Season 3 and brings with him years of community radio experience, DJing and an abundance of quotations from pop culture.


Tatiyana Shaba

Aspiring writer and online show host Tatiyana joined the team in Season 4 to add a female perspective and flavour to the show. She arguably has more football knowledge than most of the other hosts.


SpeccyJosh Shepherd (Speccy)

Josh has a great technical eye for the performances of the team and is invaluable to the tactical analysis, that is, when he actually turns up.