2014 FFDU Awards Winners!

Thank you to all our listeners and everyone that voted for us. We are now two-time FFDU Awards winners for Football Podcast of the Year (Amateur)!

This time we actually wrote a speech and the transcript and audio is below:

First things first – congratulations to In the Zone and the A-League Show for being nominated, and also a shout out to all the other amateur podcasters that are out there, who don’t actually do this for a job, but talk about this game that we love.

It’s difficult to write a speech for an award that you haven’t won yet, and don’t know if you’re going to win, but whether or not we were successful tonight, there’s two things that are certain – we all had a lot of fun creating this thing, and there are a lot of people to thank.

So to my fellow podcasters – Steve, Ivan, Turner and Speccy – Cosy Kitchen Catering and to everyone who listened, offered feedback, became the butt of one of our jokes, appreciated the pun-filled intros, or gave us shit at the pub for saying ‘um’ too much or getting the team sheet wrong – I thank you for being a contributor to this thing that we do for a lot of love and no money, and will continue to do for many A-League seasons to come.
And of course, thanks to Football Fans Down Under, for without them there would be no Podcast D’Or, and subsequently no stars above our logo or any method of further inflating our egos.

Brendan comes prepared this time...

Brendan comes prepared this time…

Ivan finally performs a live Spanish Commentary for the audience

Ivan finally performs a live Spanish Commentary for the audience



Photos courtesy of FFDU.com.au

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