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614 – Pleading Patience

We’re back this week to discuss the fallout of the Sydney Derby. It was a terrible result on the field but Stephen and Josh try to decipher what happened and what Gombau’s message to the players may be. Instead of being completely angry, we try to rationalise the approach Gombau is trying to do with the players at his disposal.

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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Sydney FC (Rd 10)

A-League Round 10 vs Sydney FC – 09/12/2017 ANZ Stadium 0-5 Loss I’ve been putting off writing this week’s Best and Worst, but here it is. It’s quite easy and tempting to go “Worst and Worser” The End. Let’s see what I can come up with after that disaster. Note, I have not re-watched the […]

613 – Do or Do Not: There Is No Try

Another Sydney derby, a new hope.

Revenge of the red and black? Who knows.

In weeks where the force hasn’t been with us we ask the players ‘may the force be with you’.

We hope that after the weekend we will see a W next to our name and then say “now that’s a letter I have not seen in a long time”.

We hope our players will have the Jedi skills to convince the referee’s and VAR that “these are not the yellow cards and calls you’re looking for”.

This weekend it is do, or do not. There is no try.

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The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Sydney FC (Rd3)

A-League Round 3 vs Sydney FC – 21/10/2017 Allianz Stadium (SFS) 2-2 Draw Welcome to this week’s edition of the Best and Worst series. This time its the first Sydney Derby of the season. Hit those share buttons if you enjoy reading a Wanderers biased account of things. A post shared by Western Sydney Wanderers […]

607 – Couldn’t Cut The Mustard

After a solid performance in the opening round we figured that a team that got beaten 5-1 by their rivals would be a simple task. Wrong. This was a Mariners team looking to emerge out from under the waters.

The Hills/Liverpool team talk about the game, our top performers and preview the derby this Saturday.

This is around the bloc.

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S05E19: Vincible

Saturday night was one for the ages – the streak was broken, the unbeatable were beaten, Santalab seemingly changed his entire temperament in the course of a week, and even a one-eyed monster could see what it meant to the WSW players.
Of course, the aftermath of the game has not been without controversy and whether it’s Chris Beath, Alex Brosque, the FFA or a painted piece of fabric – all the talk has revolved around giant dicks.

This is Around the Bloc

(Some language may offend…)

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S05E14: Snakes On A Player

While the Cove didn’t approve of our new signing, Janjetovic is fast becoming an extremely important part of our squad, whilst managing to win over fans – if not with his football, with his million dollar grin.
After a somewhat positive derby result, we also look forward to our game at Fortress Campbelltown and hope to make amends for giving up a lead against the Jets earlier in the season.

This is Around the Bloc

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S05E13: Franjic, Flukes, and Other F Words

After a couple of weeks off, the ATB team return to status quo – the squad isn’t firing, we still haven’t won, and now we’re about to play our biggest rivals who haven’t lost a game.

So while we’re not looking forward to the immediate future, we do consider our options and talk about food a fair bit to cheer ourselves up.

This is Around the Bloc.

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