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620 – State of the Game Pt 2

Stephen and Josh bring all their discussions they have every day to the studio and talk all things Australian football and the many issues facing it. A multitude of topics are covered ranging from squad sizes and makeup, salary cap, youth league, expansion, promotion/relegation, transfers, and most importantly the fans.

This is Around the Bloc – Special Episode.

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State of the Game (accompanying notes)

The following is the accompanying notes for episode 612: ‘State of the Game’ special. References have been input where available. It’s also important to note the wealth of information that has been released over the last 24 hours since we recorded. See the following as examples: https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/socceroos/australia-national-curriculum-youth-development-former-socceroos-captain-alex-tobin-speaks/news-story/86042b7f162bb99e2755ede222740886 http://amp.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/has-ffas-failure-to-heed-the-lessons-of-past-placed-it-in-a-perilous-position-20171128-gzu54f.html 1. TV Rights https://matildas.footballaustralia.com.au/news/football-federation-australia-announces-new-broadcast-deal Main Disclosure Items: […]