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S05E08: Clouded Vi$ion

Kerem ‘Cloud’ Bulut produced one of the greatest goal celebrations in our short history, but it was not to be as a legitimate goal was called offside in a tense draw with Cahill City.

The result of the next game against Brisbane is as unpredictable as the kit they’ll be wearing, with both teams inconsistent in their form so far.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S04E08 FFS: Football Federation Straya

The win against Wellington was overshadowed by the verbal and written diarrhoea spouting from some of Straya’s finest oval ball supremacists, but contrary to expectation we do actually talk about football at some point too.

This is Around the Bloc

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S02E08: Scrappy Curtains with Pancakes

Around the Bloc returns for another week and, like Brisbane Roar, is only good for about 20 minutes, but still does enough to see out a full hour and a half. Turner, our resident caped crusader, tells us what he remembers of his antics from the away trip whilst Brendan makes one too many trips to Marconi. The boys finally get to dissect a loss but, with the help of #ATBFeedback, are able to see the positives. There’s good news for the Youth League, segues galore, and much much more on this edition of Around the Bloc.

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