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S05E25: Youth Tube™

Whatever happened in round 27, we were going to get an away final so Popa decided to mix youth, experience, and Ryan Griffiths for his team lineup. In the end, it was a hard fought second half which produced a 2-2 draw, putting us up against the Roar – meaning we’ll have played them in every finals series we’ve participated in. A win there would have the FFA covered in more ectoplasm than Randy Marsh, knowing they’ll take all the ticket earnings from a Sydney Derby semi.

This is Around the Bloc

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S04E28: Thus Is The Bist Trup…

The talk of the Wanderers might have been Santalab, who was hungry for his two goals, but Wellington’s night life is disappointingly sans-kebabs leaving certain ATB members with a hunger of their own.

We preview the games being played during a weekend where the Wanderers can’t lose, and talk more about the Wellington away trip because it was awesome.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S02E27: Who Wears Black Shorts?

Great Scott! The Wanderers took 3 points away from both Melbourne and Korea this week in two epic performances which had us podcasters travelling through space and time to talk about them, whilst the travelling RBB went for a McFly to either destination, and thankfully nobody had to see a Doc or got involved in any Biff. On the pitch, the team was good enough not to Fox things up, apart from Shinji Ono, who’s number you get if you add Tannen eleven, who had a minor issue with the crossbar.

So with the team shoring up 2nd spot in the A-League, and one more round to go in the ACL, we would need some sort of sports almanac to predict what’s going to happen in the coming weeks. You’ll just have to stay tuned to Around the Bloc.

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