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S05E13: Franjic, Flukes, and Other F Words

After a couple of weeks off, the ATB team return to status quo – the squad isn’t firing, we still haven’t won, and now we’re about to play our biggest rivals who haven’t lost a game.

So while we’re not looking forward to the immediate future, we do consider our options and talk about food a fair bit to cheer ourselves up.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S04E14: Will.I.Ams

Western Sydney and Adelaide both lost to the referee on the weekend, so our match analysis turns somewhat to the match officials, as well as where some of our star players could improve.

We play City this weekend but they could be missing a few players, Mooy or less, and we discuss this and much more on this episode of Around The Bloc.

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S03E14: Spoken in Brazilian

Once again we were our Own Worst Enemy as we lost to Melbourne Victory, but Mr. Brightside, Tony Popovic, says after some Little Talks and a trip to Coffs Harbour, we’ll come back and stop being Losers, hopefully move up to at least The Middle of the table and curb our trend of coming Undone (like a sweater, when you’re holding the thread as I walk away).

We can’t take ourselves too seriously when we’re in this position though, and despite all our rage we are still just a pod on a stage where we need to have a laugh, and ‪#‎ATBFeedback‬ provides that this week.

We’ll be back after the Asia Cup break, after having eaten millions of peaches, asking ourselves ‘Whats My Age Again?’, and with the Longview towards the finals. Will it happen? …No-one Knows.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S02E13: Nightmare on Melbs Streets

On Around the Bloc this week – Club in crisis, as Wellington are the first team to defeat the Wanderers at Parramatta in almost a year, and have now 1-3 in a row.

The pressing issue this week, though, is the suspended sentences placed on Western Sydney and the Melbourne Victory over the events that took place before and during their last game. The team discuss their views and one ATB member gets all ‘tin-foil-hat’ about it.

We review the upcoming Sydney Derby, offer the worst football tips on the planet, and much more on this edition of Around the Bloc.

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