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S05E10: Jer-Red Tyson

A red for our main meant Redmayne regained while our main remained shamed and will miss a game, but was he to blame? ‘Ball all day’ you could hear him say as he marched away and made way for another Kalac protégée who may head faraway in Januar…ay.

This is Around the Bloc.

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S04E11: Seven Deadly Wins

On the 12th of December, my true love gave me a seventh win in a row to celebrate, an epic atmosphere, a few good saves, a dominant performance, an absent opposition attack and this podcast, Around the B L O C

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S02E11: Three Wise Men

The RBB followed their stars up the road for anything but a silent night in Newcastle. On this week’s podcast, three wise men discuss whether Mark Bridge’s goal was the result of a push in the back, or an immaculate deflection off Haliti’s head, if Birighitti should have been told ‘theres no more room at the inn’, and how the little drummer boy broke his instrument.

In other news, Perth do away with their man(a)ger, ATBFeedback turns into a celebratory feast and the W-League team goes on their merry way to record a win against the Glory. All this and more on this weeks edition of Around the Bloc.

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