618 – Wellington Frustrations

Stephen and Josh are back in the studio to discuss the Wanderers’ Round 16 draw with Wellington Phoenix. We try to uncover what went wrong and air our frustrations with the lack of youthful injection in the past week of games. We then look towards a tough match at home against Melbourne Victory.

This is Around the Bloc.

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617 – Undefeated (Calendar Year)

As far as our 2018 start goes, it’s much better than how our 2017 ended. Three games in, seven points the better and looking like a more well-oiled machine game by game, bar a few lapses.

Having played Brisbane and Adelaide in the space of four days (played on Friday and Wednesday), we now go to Wellington who had a win themselves in controversial ways against a 10-man Victory.

Will we see an even more well-oiled machine, or will we scrap it out in a tight game? Listen in and find out.

This is around the bloc.

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616 – New Year, New Resolve

We’re back for 2018 and our traditional New Year’s Day match. Stephen and Josh are on location at the stadium and discuss the happenings of the last week as well as immediately post match following the Wanderers’ win vs Melbourne City. This is Around the Bloc.

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615 – La opcion en espanol

More changes to the starting eleven this time proved a success as we got our first win in eight matches, old favorites and new boys scored their first goals and with some great commentary to match (not your regulars), it made it all the better for the Spanish Round.

ATB favorite and member Ivan, along with Federico who make ‘The Spanish Option’, join Nick and Michael to discuss the call for the Mariners vs Wanderers game, how it all came about and of course talk about our win.

This is Around The Bloc.

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614 – Pleading Patience

We’re back this week to discuss the fallout of the Sydney Derby. It was a terrible result on the field but Stephen and Josh try to decipher what happened and what Gombau’s message to the players may be. Instead of being completely angry, we try to rationalise the approach Gombau is trying to do with the players at his disposal.

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613 – Do or Do Not: There Is No Try

Another Sydney derby, a new hope.

Revenge of the red and black? Who knows.

In weeks where the force hasn’t been with us we ask the players ‘may the force be with you’.

We hope that after the weekend we will see a W next to our name and then say “now that’s a letter I have not seen in a long time”.

We hope our players will have the Jedi skills to convince the referee’s and VAR that “these are not the yellow cards and calls you’re looking for”.

This weekend it is do, or do not. There is no try.

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612 – State of the Game

*Special Episode*

There are many talking points at the forefront of Australian football and we take a look at the most pressing issues and our opinions on them. We look at the A-League TV deal, the FFA Congress, expansion, national 2nd division, marketing, attendances and more.

This is Around the Bloc.

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611 – Quick Maffs

3 plus 5 is 8 from 6 games that’s… undefeated.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Another would be winless in five.

Gombau was in charge of his first game against the club he was rumoured to be coaching a couple of seasons ago and with a new manager change is apparent in playing style, personel and attitudes.

Surprise starters and scorer, testy temperaments and a referee who needed a video replay to correct his own mistake.

This is Around The Bloc.

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